1 Mar 2009

oh kate!

The super stylish Kate Lanphear has held previous posts at Vogue Australia and Harper's Bazaar and is currently the senior style director at US Elle. I think she has great style with her pixie cut, fetish shoes and inky hues, her look is simple with a bit of an edge.
She even makes High School Musical look cool!
(Elle September 08. Styled by Kate Lanphear)
Credit: vogue.co.jp, elle.com, The Sartorialist, Streetpeeper, Street Magazine all via the fashion spot.


tis serendipity said...

I LOVEEE kate lanphear. She has such an incredible and iconic style! She always seems to be in a well cut blazer, pants and more recently studded something or another. I was actually planning on doing a post on kate too and the title that had been on my mind all along was 'oh kate!' as well! =DD haha this is really amazing. Great minds think alike eh? ;)

I'm surprised to see her in that gray shirt and skirt outfit next to the guy in a matching gray shirt. It's such a simple outfit yet she's got the proportions all right! The shirt is oversized just right. Gosh she's incredible.

ellesappelle said...

haha great minds definitely do think alike, that is so strange! she does have fantastic style, quite boyish in a way, and yes, she is great with proportion! i look forward to reading your post on her!

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