5 Mar 2009


I'm not sure what's wrong with me at the moment but my shoe addiction is getting out of control. My current obsession is with all things Topshop. There is obviously a lot more out there that I am loving but Topshop is more in my price range - you've got to be realistic! I love the first three pairs - I spy a Gucci rip off (not bad for £70) and of course the beautiful purple pair which I've managed not to buy so far, but I have tried them on four times - pretty sad, and not to mention painful, but I'm saving...yawn.


zoƫ said...

i love the third pair,
the brown leather ones .

if i had money to spend the first thing i'd buy would be shoes .
just because a girl can never have too many, & that's a fact .

laterr lovie !

Anonymous said...

I love the last pair

tis serendipity said...

Haha aww are you really going to get them? It's not going to be good if they're uncomfortable though! unless you put insoles/other padding? Hope it works out for you!!

Topshop shoes are really gorgeous but most of the time too expensive for me =((( I do love oogling at them in stores though. And trying them on and putting them back. Yeah I just like to depress myself.

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