3 Mar 2009

should i?!

I spied these bad boys on my shopping trip today and I foolishly made the mistake of trying them on...now I really want them! Not the sort of thing I usually go for but I adore the purple and they'll add a pop of colour to my usually black & grey outfits. It seems they've also found fame on the Sartorialist, I'm so tempted! I'll be passing Topshop again tomorrow...I wonder what I'll decide to do...?!
Credit: The Sartorialist & Topshop


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm i reckon they would be hard to wear, and could eventually run the risk of looking cheap due to the colour, even thought atm the colour is what makes them so spectacular

ellesappelle said...

rational thinking! i think you could be right about the colour - they wouldn't look so hot when they've faded. i'm holding off for the moment!

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