28 Jul 2009

coco cocoon

Lily Allen for Chanel's new Coco Cocoon line.
What do you think?
Credit: graziadaily.co.uk


jessica said...

lilllly ♥
love it, and love chanel even more .

Stefani said...

Very unexpected I have to say... But I actually like it! Love the styling,<3 Chanel.
Thanks for your comment to!

Polished Sense said...

Oh super-fabulous. She's got THE look for CC...great photos, glad you posted about them!


yiqin; said...

It looks really good.

MICHELLE said...

Love chanel, at first didnt like lily allen for the new add, BUT NOW i see the picture s she is grat ,chanel iras never wrong (karl) anhaaaa
please check out my blog, y just postted a new photos.
love michelle
ps: LOVE

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