21 Sep 2009


Olsen's at the airport.
I'm off! First stop Bangkok. Limited internet connection for the next two months but hopefully things will get back to normal when I arrive in Sydney in November...my new home for the next year - Any advice on things to do, places to see, where to eat, drink & shop...let me know!
I'll be sure to update & visit your wonderful blogs whenever I can!
bye bye


Fashion By He said...

arent they the best! so hot

come check out He's blog, its the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV


little shadow said...

Ooo, you're coming to Sydney?
How exciting!
You'll love Australia.
Good luck on your trip <3

jessica said...

OMG, have fun !!
thats going to be an amazing adventure ; & youll look just as good if not better than the olsen twins as you jetset :]

Anonymous said...

I thought the 4th one down was you! Have fun and keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

I want her bags!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey i love your blog! check out my fashion blog - it's not her, it's me. and i am selling some clothes and accessories as well as handmade crochet goodies here: apricotbabybaby.etsy.com. check it out! xoxo ♥

rebecca said...

love the olsens! they always look good and its wierd coz ive grown up with these girls. ive been into them since i was about eight! x

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I have such an obsession with pictures of celebrities at the airport; it's truly sad, if you ask me. :)

Have a marvelous getaway! :)

rachel kara said...

if you need any help or advice when in sydney feel free to drop me an email! i wouldnt even know where to begin. so much im still discovering and ive lived in sydney forevere (being 20 years)...in the meantime hope you're having a great time travelling :)


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