25 Apr 2012

How to Style Converse

Here's some inspiration on how to style the iconic Converse sneakers.
They're so versatile; you can team them with everything from sequined mini's and floaty maxi's to short shorts and leather leggings...anything goes!

Leave a comment and tell me how you wear yours, I'd love to know!

Images via Google, Vanessa Jackman, Glamour UK, The Sartorialist, The Hollywood Reporter, Little Plastic Horses, Style By Kling.


PhazeStyle said...

loving the converse and long skirt/ maxi dress look!



clothesculture said...

I love converse and the juxtaposition with other clothing, but I think I like them more now that you've published this little collection of photos!

Love your blog, following you now

x Clothes Culture Team


Anonymous said...

I bought my last pair of Converse 5 years ago and now suddenly I have bought two pairs in 3 weeks!

I always find good Converse inspiration at http://www.sincerelyjules.com/

Your blog always makes me dream!

Life's a shoe said...

cool inspirational pictures on how to wear chucks chicly. thanks for sharing!

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