3 Sep 2012

Backstage At Stella McCartney: Winter 2012

English tweeds in silhouettes sliced with stretch blue and white. 

Blue damask jacquards paired together for evening.

Embossed jacquards embroidered with silk. 

Sculpted, felted Aran stitch knitwear in hourglass shapes. 

Outerwear translating Savile Row into a feminine form. 

All images by Pamela Berkovic via the Stella McCartney Facebook Page.


blogatka said...
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blogatka said...

I really like your blog. If you want to find a lot of cool clothes and accessories check out the website heppin

Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

Gosh Stella had ALL my favourite models in one shoot, amazing! xx

South Molton St Style

Elisabeth Isabelle said...

i'm super sure that my love for stellas designs will never end

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